Welcome to Stream! There is a lot to do when you’re a new seller and probably you have no idea where to start. Below are some tips that you can prioritize as you begin to build your presence on Stream Online Jobs.

1. The Basics

Still a little confused about how to begin? Work out the low down of what your job description is, the manner by which and where you’ll work and different points of interest with a little assistance from this article.

2. Post a Job

Click post a job icon on the top-left bar to get started. Make sure to fill your details correctly and set meaningful price for your job.

3. Make Sure Your Job Delivery Time Makes Sense

Make sure to double check the delivery times you’ve set for your job. Selecting the appropriate delivery time is an important step in making sure you’re set up to succeed on stream.

4. Connect On The Stream Forum

Dive into the Stream site forum and get acquainted with your fellow Streamers. It’s a great supportive place to connect with other sellers.

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